TigerLogic Announces Major Releases of its Database Management Systems

TigerLogic Corporation has announced the general availability of its next-generation multidimensional database management systems, D3 v9.0 and mvBase v3.0.  The company has also unveiled a new development tool, the TigerLogic Dashboard, which can be used to create visual displays of MultiValue data via widgets.

D3 v9.0 and mvBase v3.0 add new functionality to the proven product line of Pick-based database and development tools for the creation of enterprise application solutions.

"The new interfaces we've created for the Java and .NET development environments enable D3 and mvBase developers to expose their existing software applications to the latest technologies for web and Microsoft application development," said John Bramley, vice president of product development and operations at TigerLogic. "The company is energized about what we're developing and we are focused on helping our customers build value-added business solutions."

Key enhancements in D3 v9.0 and mvBase v3.0 include enhanced APIs to ease integration for both Java and .NET development environments; the ability for developers to expose and process MultiValue data via open standards, including XML for MultiValue data and web services caching utilizing TigerLogic's XML Data Management Server (TL XDMS); a full failover recovery solution for the D3 v9.0 Windows platform; as well as numerous customer-requested enhancements. 

In addition, the new TigerLogic Dashboard for D3 AIX, D3 Linux and D3 Windows database management systems is a development tool to produce graphical reports of real-time business intelligence specifically for MultiValue databases via dashboard widgets. The TigerLogic Dashboard enables MultiValue developers to select and present critical business data that is distributed throughout the MultiValue database environment and present it in intuitive and web-based graphical interfaces. Using the TigerLogic Dashboard, D3 developers can easily create new customized dashboard widgets from the large number of sample widgets and templates provided, including multiple layouts and themes, and RSS feeds that can be consumed by any local RSS feed reader.

D3 v9.0 is supported on AIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, and mvBase v3.0 is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

The TigerLogic Dashboard is available in three deployment editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. To learn more about the TigerLogic Dashboard or download an evaluation copy, go here.

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