U2 DataVu Report and Dashboard 2.0 Offers Enhanced Data Manipulation, Navigation, New ‘Quick Reports' and Wizards

Rocket Software has announced that U2 DataVu has been enhanced to make it easier to combine queries and results then filter and quickly create reports and charts with a couple of clicks using the quick report wizard. The new release provides drilldown scenarios to enable end users to slice their data so they can drill into different views of their results. Additionally, in the new release, predictive analytics, flexible result set joining and appending, cross-tabulations and data normalizations together with result set filtering and improved parameter prompting, make U2 DataVu V2.0 significantly easier to use.

U2 DataVu 2.0 allows users to select columns from a query result and, with one click, turn them into the chart of their choice. Charts can refined adding additional value columns, changing the result chart type, formatting the output and then storing these with the original query so future queries can re-display these charts or be set as the default display instead of the regular query grid. Moreover, charts can be transferred to scenarios and used to explore different levels of detail using a drill-down navigator. These scenarios can be refined to change the data level and data sets displayed and can be recorded to define the layout options that will be presented for chart layouts. Multiple scenarios can be driven from the same underlying result set.

The latest version of U2 DataVu allows users to transfer a result set to the U2 DataVu Report wizard to quickly generate a new report. The wizard guides users through defining the columns to appear on the report and what grouping and aggregations should be used for data roll-up.  Simple options for preferences and formatting provide guidance through all the aspects needed to quickly create reports.

In addition, a new built-in shared repository that can be used by developers and web users alike allows for developed content to be easily shared and quickly deployed to end users without requiring any third-party tools.

It is expected that business users will benefit from the new HyperVu web interface, allowing them to manage their queries, reports and dashboards, and that power users will benefit from the new integrated repository, allowing any query, report or dashboard to be shared with others. For more details about U2 DataVu V2.0, visit