U2logic Announces XLr8 Resizer for UniVerse

U2logic, a leading U2 Eclipse tool developer, has announced the release of a UniVerse resize tool called XLr8 Resizer. “There hadn't been a new resize tool for probably 10 or 15 years in the marketplace,” Doug Averch, president of U2Logic, told DBTA. Xlr8 Resizer for UniVerse runs on Windows, Linux or Mac and will resize any UniVerse platform and will resize UniData, as well.

XLr8 Resizer is built as a plug-in for the open source platform. Built from the ground up to run on UniVerse, the tool uses the native database programs to produce the data account by account. There are no installation programs or accounts for either database.

This allows a user to look at an account and see it all on one page “without having to download any software to your UniVerse or UniData account,” Averch noted. It displays information in an easy, intuitive way that allows database administrators or even those with limited knowledge of the database to see problem files. Additionally, Averch said, “It incorporates custom formulas– so you can customize it to your heart's content.”

The tool is available on a yearly subscription basis for a single workstation. Software updates are available from U2logic via the Update Manager in Eclipse, as new features are added. For more information about U2logic, go here For more on Xlr8 Resizer, go here