Updated U2 Clients and DBTools Available from Rocket Software

Rocket U2 is now providing a single ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver for UniData and UniVerse that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The driver provides a standard interface for user applications, third-party reporting and BI tools to connect with data sources.

In addition, the U2 Metadata Manager (U2 MDM) is now also available for UniVerse 11.1.11 and above. U2 MDM allows users to define an SQL schema using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making integration with third-party tooling easier.

“The combination of these two products provides U2 users with a more modern approach to integration with SQL-based applications, such as reporting and BI tools,” Susie Siegesmund, Vice President and General Manager, Rocket Software, U2 Business Area, tells DBTA.

The ODBC driver is part of a collection of U2 Clients that supplies the gateways for other systems to interact with the U2 databases. The package provides users with both standards-based and native clients and APIs for interacting with both UniData and UniVerse.

U2 MDM is part of a collection of Eclipse-based U2 DBTools for administration, configuration and development. They also allow users to present U2 servers as web services (both SOAP-based and RESTful).

More information is available from Rocket Software about the newest versions of U2 Clients and DB Tools, as well as screenshots and system requirements.