YouTube Coffee Break Series of Videos Launched by Northgate

NorthgateArinso (Northgate) has created a YouTube series, Coffee Breaks with Northgate, on the company's Northgate Reality YouTube channel. The goal of the series is to provide Reality users with on demand, how-to videos that take 15 minutes or less.

"Providing our users with the ability to learn what Reality can do for them and their business in 15 minutes or less is invaluable," says Mark Pick, vice president, Reality.  Enabling customers to understand the capabilities of Reality/MultiValue and what it can mean to their application, explains Pick, "keeps a system in their business that has always been reliable."

In addition to the YouTube videos, Northgate also announces tech tips on a weekly basis as part of Tech Tip Tuesdays, via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and offers monthly webinars as well as open discussions with their clients and the MultiValue community.