Zumasys Acquires Total Computing Solutions

Zumasys is acquiring Total Computing Solutions (TCS), bringing a new set of platform capabilities for the MultiValue space.

Zumasys plans to bring the TotaLink credit card processing software, which is well suited for MultiValue applications, to the general marketplace.

TotaLink reduces fees; it provides tokenized transactions and vaulting; EMV chip payments with Smart Card; and enables PCI compliance. The software is particularly popular with wholesales distributors.

Since the acquisition, the company has migrated its customers off the Universe database, and has opened a new office in Lehi, Utah. A provider of point-of-sale and payment processing software, TCS will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Zumasys.

As part of its six-month integration process, Zumasys has implemented improvements including:

  • Successful migration of all its hosted and on-premise customers from Rocket’s Universe database to the embedded OpenQM database, which is owned by Zumasys. This provides increased speed and modernization and it makes the POS solution even more competitive in the marketplace with reduced license costs for new and add-on users.
  • Improvements to website, marketing, and branding.
  • Relocation to a new 2,200 sq. ft. office that the company completely renovated in the “Silicon Slopes” region of Utah. Originally built in 1900, the historic register location features a beautiful modern interior right in the middle of the Lehi Main Street Historic District.

“We are thrilled to welcome TCS and we are committed to building on their 30-year heritage of providing affordable software solutions that deliver exceptional value and flexibility,” said Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys. “Zumasys is continuing to invest in the future of PICK, diversifying its products and helping software houses transition their applications to the modern era.”

 Founded by Fred Tuttle in 1990, TCS originally focused on point-of-sale software and hardware for the college bookstore market but the company expanded into multi-store and chain-store operations and credit card processing gateway software.

“We are excited about the increased development resources, marketing, and financial support available to TCS under the Zumasys umbrella,” said Jim Hammons, general manager. “Not only have we joined forces with good people who believe in the power of the NoSQL MultiValue data model, we have become part of a family and genuinely supportive work culture which, we are truly enjoying.”

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