Zumasys Boosts Desktop and Mobile Access to MultiValue Solutions

Zumasys is updating the AccuTerm platform with security upgrades, a new UI, and the ability to run the platform through a web browser.

AccuTerm8 features dozens of new features that give users access to their PICK system when and where they need it.

A new subscription model bundles Desktop, Web, and Mobile editions; plus, users will receive all future updates automatically so they stay up to date with the greatest features. 

New additions to the platform include:

  • New User Interface -Tear-off tabs, drag and drop windows and new Visual Studio Code color schemes.
  • Enhanced Security - OpenSSL, brand new encryption libraries, and the latest cryptography.
  • Access from Any Device - Run PICK application over the Web or in the Cloud with our new fully-responsive HTML5 browser interface.
  • Plus new 2:1 licensing allows users to run AccuTerm Desktop on two machines, like office and home; a new centralized administration provides control over user access; and enhanced session resilience (ReZume) restores dropped sessions running over the Internet, Cloud, etc.

The new subscription model means users can continue to obtain AccuTerm for a very low upfront price and receive continual updates and upgrades.

The AccuTerm solution provides users with remote access to their MultiValue system from Windows and mobile.

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