Zumasys Helps Create PICK Video Education Series

Zumasys is introducing a new open website for the PICK MultiValue industry that is designed to help companies train young developers.

The website, includes:

  • Access to MultiValue branded resources including an all new, revamped MultiValue logo.
  • PICK video training content which is free and available for unlimited consumption.
  • Links to a dozen knowledge resources, discussion boards and programming resources.

The website features a series of training videos for training programmers on MultiValue, with the first video in the series, “A Beginner’s Guide to How MultiValue Databases Operate,” now available.

More videos will be released in coming months on topics including the query language, integrating with mainstream editors, introduction to PICK Basic, system administration, and more. The content will be duplicated to an eponymous Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Additionally, the new MultiValue cube logo was redesigned to bring increased awareness to the role these databases play in the $4B NoSQL market.

Visitors to the site can download the logo for use on everything from websites, product brochures, email signatures and business cards. The logo is accompanied by a style guide that details how and where to use the logo for best effect.

MultiValue databases fit into the NoSQL category which is proliferating as companies are beginning to adopt data technologies that enable easy scalability, non-relational capability and speed of processing. As a result, the new MultiValue logo is available with an optional tagline – NoSQL for Business.

“We are committed to positioning PICK MultiValue applications for the future and that means creating modern products that appeal to younger coders,” explains Paul Giobbi, co-founder and president of Zumasys. “But it is also time for us to come together as an industry and claim our rightful place as the original NoSQL database platform for business. Branding is a critical part of the transformation.”

The idea for website, training and logo was born out of a series called The MultiValue Market Updates which were hosted by Zumasys in 2017 and 2018. Attendees were consistently requesting these education resources and the company felt compelled to act.

“We believe in MultiValue and we hope these resources kick start a movement and help get the next generation of programmers excited about the data model,” Giobbi said.

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