‘Spark-as-a-Service’ Launched by IBM

IBM has redesigned more than 15 of the company’s core analytics and commerce solutions with Apache Spark - helping to accelerate their real-time processing capabilities. IBM also announced the availability of its Spark-as-a-Service offering – IBM Analytics on Apache Spark – on IBM Bluemix following a successful 13-week Beta program with more than 4,600 developers using it to build intelligent business and consumer apps fueled by data.

Developed by the AMPLab at the University of California at Berkeley, Apache Spark helps developers create algorithms that harness insight from complex data. By leveraging Spark’s in-memory processing that is ideal for frequently accessed information – and processes data sets faster than ever before – IBM says it simplified the architecture of its software solutions and cloud data services, such as IBM BigInsights, IBM Streams and IBM SPSS.

“For data scientists and engineers who want to do more with their data, the power and appeal of open source innovation for technologies like Spark is undeniable,” said Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM Cloud Data Services. “IBM is committed to using Spark as the foundation for its industry-leading analytics platform, and by offering a fully managed Spark service on IBM Bluemix, data professionals can access and analyze their data faster than ever before, with significantly reduced complexity.”

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