1010data Brings Big Data Discovery Platform to R Users

1010data, Inc, a big data discovery platform that combines a complete analytical platform with clients, is partnering with R to release R1010, a new R package that integrates directly with 1010data’s platform.

The R1010 package will provide an interface to use data and advanced analytics within 1010data directly via the R console – unifying the power of both technologies.

“R is a very popular programming language that allows analysts to do statistical analysis and modeling,” said Sandy Steier, CEO and co-founder of 1010data. “It’s open source, which means it’s free which certainly explains part of its popularity but it’s clearly effective and usable. It’s a good way for our customers to analyze data in conjunction with 1010data.”

The R1010 package will provide data scientists with an interface to use 1010data’s advanced analytics directly through the R console, familiar open source statistical functions, and access to 1010data’s massive big data discovery platform.

“In general, it’s targeted at maybe more sophisticated data science users but one of the interesting applications of ours, since it is a true programming language, is that it allows them to develop their own application which then can be used by less sophisticated users,” added Chris Simon, chief analyst at 1010data.

Additionally, the new package will allow people who know R to access data that is stored at 1010data, Steier said.

“Now you can deal with much larger amounts of data,” Steier said. “Many people are developing new techniques and new analyses in R and by combining R with 1010data we are giving people access to new techniques people are constantly developing all the time.”

The new package will include functions to easily establish and manage 1010data sessions, as well as the ability to browse 1010data folders from within the R interactive console. 

R1010 allows users to crunch through massive volumes of raw data in 1010data’s big data discovery platform and integrates their favorite CRAN packages using the full R feature set to perform complex statistical analysis.  Additionly, the R1010 package has R Query Interface (RQI) functions, which provide a native R experience for query development.  

More than 700 of the world's largest retail, manufacturing, telecom, and financial services enterprises trust 1010data to manage and analyze over 19 trillion rows of data, according to 1010data.

“We are a company that offers a way of analyzing very large amounts of data without a lot of technical complexity,” Steier said. “Normally, when a company needs to manage data, potentially large amounts of data, a fairly complicated technical infrastructure is required. Our customers can put data into it relatively easy, analyze the data and report on that data easily as well.”

Additionally, 1010data works within the cloud, allowing companies to share data with partners, clients and other companies, according to Steier.

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