10gen Announces Adds New Cloud-Based Back Up for MongoDB

10gen, the MongoDB company, has introduced MongoDB Backup Service, providing a monthly pay-as-you-go service. MongoDB Backup Service, available as a limited release, joins the free, cloud-based MongoDB Monitoring Service, which has more than 17,000 users. General availability of the new backup service is anticipated later this year.

MongoDB is the open source, document database popular among developers and IT professionals due to its agile and scalable approach. MongoDB provides a JSON data model with dynamic schemas, extensive driver support, auto-sharding, built-in replication and high availability, full and flexible index support, rich queries, aggregation, in-place updates and GridFS for large file storage.

The Backup Service solves a critical problem for operations teams and developers because it is challenging to build backup systems that are reliable and robust, and moving data between environments for testing and other data workflows is something developers should not  have to build themselves, according to Eliot Horowitz, CTO at 10gen. “The Backup Service is a key step for us as we continue to build out a full management suite for MongoDB systems of all sizes in the cloud and for on-premise environments.”

Key Features of MongoDB Backup Service include SSL-encrypted data transfer and two-factor authentication required for all restores; high availability, enabled by backups archived in multiple, fault-tolerant, geographically dispersed data centers; point-in-time recovery; and sharded cluster support to ensure that backup and restore is reliably provided to a consistent point-in-time across all shards, from a single server to hundreds of servers.

Users can reserve their spot in the limited release by signing up here.