10gen Releases MongoDB 2.2 with Improved Analytics and Performance

10gen has released version 2.2 of MongoDB, its agile and scalable, document-oriented NoSQL database. The latest release from 10gen features advanced aggregation framework, new multi-data center deployment features, improved concurrency, as well as 600 more new features, enabling faster and easier application development.

Real-time aggregation framework is a new enhancement that gives MongoDB 2.2 users more ways to work with and access data as usage swells. Users can run analytic queries to get near real-time analysis of their data, with simplified reporting and accelerated performance. MongoDB 2.2 also offers new multi-data center features with tag-aware sharding and replication. “Users can distribute their MongoDB cluster over many data centers over many geographies, ensuring that the data is being read and written in the area that is closest to their application,” Alvin Richards, 10gen’s technical director for EMEA, tells 5 Minute Briefing. In addition, the latest release from 10gen has improved concurrency that provides faster, more predictable performance in deployments where disk I/O speed is a limiter.

MongoDB 2.2 includes more than 600 additional new features and improvements, including time-to-live (TTL) collections, query optimizer improvements, Windows service support, improved Windows Server performance, improved heterogeneous hardware usage, and reduced space fragmentation. “The key tenet of MongoDB as a product is to allow developers to develop their applications faster and easier without having to go out and build infrastructure,” Richards explains.

MongoDB 2.2 is available for download now from Visit to learn more.