10gen and Gazzang Partner to Deliver Enterprise-Class Data Security for MongoDB

Gazzang and 10gen, the company behind the NoSQL database MongoDB, have formed a partnership that will help customers meet data security compliance regulations and guard against unauthorized access or attack. Gazzang also announced that its zNcrypt solution for encrypting and securing data achieved formal 10gen certification.

MongoDB bridges the gap between RDBMS and key-value stores -- instead of storing data in tables and rows, MongoDB stores data in documents with dynamic schemas. Global companies relying on MongoDB for storage of their application data include 02, Craigslist, Disney, eBay, Forbes, foursquare, Intuit, Shutterfly, Telefonica, and UK Government Digital Services.

According to Gazzang, zNcrypt works as a last line of defense for protecting data within MongoDB, transparently encrypting and securing information “on the fly.” Whether in the cloud or on premises, zNcrypt ensures there is minimal performance lag in the encryption or decryption process. The solution also includes robust key management and process-based access controls that meet compliance regulations and allow users to store their cryptographic keys separate from the encrypted data.

“10gen provides customers the ability to collect and store massive amounts of data and quickly call it into action when requested,” explains Larry Warnock, CEO of Gazzang. “Because of the elastic nature of MongoDB, customers often store a variety of data for future use. This includes a mix of innocuous machine data as well as sensitive information that, if it were to be exposed publicly, could damage an organization’s reputation and violate compliance regulations for data security.”

The new partnership, adds 10gen’s CEO Dwight Merriman will answer customer demand for robust data protection that helps meet compliance guidelines for including HIPAA, PCI-DSS and EU directives, and is designed to keep big data applications safe from unauthorized access or malicious attack.

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