$16M in Series B Funding Drives Enhancements to Tellius’ Decision Intelligence Platform

Tellius, the vendor behind an AI-driven decision intelligence platform, is announcing its recent milestone in raising $16 million Series B funding—for a total accumulation of $33 million—propelling their platform toward enhanced go-to-market capabilities, talent acquisition across sales, marketing, and product engineering teams, as well as expedited product development, expansion of partnerships, cloud data ecosystem additions, and investment towards customer success teams. The funding round was led by Baird Capital, seeing participation from Tellius’ present investors, Sands Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Veraz Investments.

“Tellius is leading the growing decision intelligence category, in large part due to the unique and powerful capabilities of our platform in making it easier for companies to instill data-driven decision-making across every facet of their operations," said Ajay Khanna, founder and CEO of Tellius. “We’re helping companies modernize their data stack by delivering the industry’s most robust analytical solution, which has the flexibility to work with cloud data warehouses and data lakes to ingest data from traditional data sources and deliver faster and better business insights. This recent round of funding from top investors is proof of our vision and ability to execute as more organizations seek strategic advantage and superior business outcomes from data.”

The decision intelligence platform by Tellius deep dives into business data metrics and insights, informing enterprises of not just the what in regard to data happenings in their organization, but the why. Traditional approaches to data analytics provide dashboards and metrics, yet they fail to reason why the metrics are changing, compounded with exhausted data science teams whose abilities are stretched too thin across the enterprise, according to the company.

With Tellius’ platform, advanced analytics alleviate instances of manual analysis and complex coding on behalf of data scientists, employing analytical and machine learning automation to unveil hidden business drives in data sources. Additionally, a natural language interface within the platform promotes a simplistic methodology, enhancing ease-of-use and aiding data science teams. The platform’s scalable, cloud-native architecture is purpose-built for BI and AI functions, via their dual analytics engine (featuring a columnar-based engine and a Spark engine). Blending all analytics modes, e.g., descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive, Tellius’ platform unites the full spectrum of analytics within a single, agile, and seamless experience, according to the company.

Khanna further explained that “some of the challenges that Tellius’ platform can solve include a lack of data science talent, poor data management, and the growing insights gap between the highly technical data experts—who can analyze big data—and the masses of business users and analysts seeking insights to make better data driven decisions.”

The funding for Tellius comes at the heels of other achievements for the company, highlighting the demand for the platform. Among the most notable are Recognition as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, partnerships with vendors like Databricks and Indegene, as well as 3x customer and user growth and a high Net Dollar Retention of 150%.

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