2012 IOUG High Availability Survey Sweepstakes Winner Announced

The winner of the Apple iPad 3 drawn from the pool of 358 data managers and professionals who responded to the 2012 IOUG High Availability Survey has been announced. The winner is Debbie Gollnick, president of Gollnick, Inc.

The survey, which explores the issues related to planned and unplanned downtime, alongside database high availability and disaster recovery solutions, finds that at least half of the respondents are working to provide their organizations with real-time or near-real-time data, but the challenge to meeting this goal is increasing as data volumes escalate and the variety and velocity of data heightens as well. Although the volume, velocity and variety of data is presenting management and storage challenges, it also provides opportunity for businesses to enhance services to customers and make more informed decisions in a timely manner.

Among the key highlights and findings from the survey is that downtime is adding up to not just hours, but days per year for many organizations, and in fact 20% reported having three or more days of unplanned downtime during the past year, and close to half reported three or more days of planned downtime

The executive summary of the survey report, “Enterprise Data and the Cost of Downtime: 2012 IOUG Database Availability Survey,” which is publicly available, and the full survey report, which is available exclusively to IOUG members can be found here