2020 Predictions: Autonomous Digital Enterprise, Edge Computing, IoT, ITSM, and AIOps

We are at the start of a new year and a new decade and technology is poised for fast change. Recently, Ram Chakravarti, CTO at BMC Software offered his predictions for 2020.

Autonomous Digital Enterprise: “Businesses will make progress moving toward an autonomous digital enterprise through technology innovations in AIOps, edge computing, the convergence of IT service management and IT operations management, SecOps, and DevOps. Rather than focusing on monitoring and observability—which only tell you what failed and why—businesses need to look at ‘actionability.’ Actionability takes it an important step further by giving actionable insights to help remediate while also helping to predict what could fail. Implementing technology that gives actionable insights will be critical for businesses looking to move further in their automation journey.”

Edge Computing and IoT Solutions:  “Over the next couple of years, partnerships will prove to be the pathway to success in realizing value from edge computing and IoT solutions. By using seamlessly integrated, multi-vendor, commercial off-the-shelf solutions, enterprises will experience more success than they would with single-vendor niche products. At the end of the day, what we need is an ecosystem of integrated solutions as opposed to a single silver bullet.”

ITSM & ITOM: “As IT service management and IT operations continue to converge in 2020, CIOs will rely on AI. More than ever, CIOs will need to address this convergence and work to break down silos between these departments. To obtain a comprehensive view of the IT landscape, CIOs will begin to adopt AI, cognitive, and robotic process automation. We’ll see this bring end-user support and managed back-end infrastructure more closely together. If we look beyond traditional IT and service management, in the near future we will have the ability to go to market with fully integrated solutions that enable boundary-less operations across AppDev, SecOps, ITOps, and service management. This will further enable the use of DevOps in organizations using the power of AI to improve existing capabilities and create new capabilities. This doesn’t mean companies have to start from the ground up on AI efforts, rather they need to look for software solutions that can offer prebuilt AI/ML solutions that drive change.”

AIOps: “The demand for AIOps in the enterprise will continue to rise as AI and machine learning have taken the industry by the jugular. Due to an expansion in the number of workloads—both in public cloud and on-premises—and an increase in application complexity, investment in AIOps will increase and ultimately lead to better business outcomes. Today’s challenges place a premium on differentiated vendor solutions powered by AI/ML and big data analytics techniques that can help modern IT operations evolve from traditional monitoring to observability to actionability.”