$350M for CData Bolsters Go-to-Market for Data Connectivity Innovations

CData Software, a leading provider of data connectivity solutions, is announcing a recent boom in capital, concluding a funding round that garnered $350 million from Warburg Pincus, a leading global growth investor, with participation from Accel. This funding, as well as the partnership with Warburg Pincus and Accel, marks the next stage of CData’s growth strategy, accelerating the company’s go-to-market efforts and brand representation.

Data connectivity is a fundamental piece of modern business. As enterprises continue to shift to SaaS applications, embedding data connectivity into these systems is more crucial than ever, according to the vendor.

Over 7,000 organizations—including entities like Office Depot, Holiday Inn, and FedEx—rely on CData and its 270-plus connectors to make data connectivity happen. With its recent funding, CData will continue to simplify data connectivity for enterprises, users, and applications, investing in operations, product development, and go-to-market initiatives.

CData offers a unique approach to data connectivity, delivering a bi-modal integration stack that enables users to utilize both live data access and replicated data movement from a single connectivity platform. CData connects all systems as if they were a database, further empowered by a sophisticated architecture that accelerates connector construction.

According to Cary Davis, managing director, Warburg Pincus, “we focus on investments that offer differentiated and value-added solutions that are well-positioned to benefit from addressing shifting business needs. CData is a great fit within our portfolio as a market leading provider of mission-critical data connectivity solutions, allowing organizations to connect, integrate, and manage data from various sources across on-premises and cloud environments.”

Central to CData’s growth strategy is highlighting its brand, creating a more visible, more well understood representation of the types of challenges that CData can resolve.

“What people don't realize—part of our business is selling our connectors into ISVs—-our connectors are embedded in the solution that you see from Salesforce, Tableau, or Google. It's not visible to many people that they are actually using a CData connector,” said Amit Sharma, co-founder and CEO of CData. “Our ability to actually amplify the message and make sure people understand the challenges that data connectivity can help solve and how people are using it is very valuable.”

CData’s connectivity platform also applies to the demand for AI—more specifically, the hype for generative AI (GenAI).

“What we are seeing today is that AI has a profound effect when people are using tools like ChatGPT in the public domain…you can ask any question of it. Imagine being able to do that at your work with information that is in the workspace and its proprietary data,” said Sharma. “With our connectors and being able to access all the systems of records very easily, we are a very good complement to any AI-based system built inside proprietary walls.”

"Data connectivity is a critical enabler in a world of intelligent software—any AI, analytics, or automation service delivers far better outcomes the more cross-functional data it can access," said Nate Niparko, partner at Accel. "We’re thrilled to support CData as it builds on its standards for interconnecting the largest catalog of business data."

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