$3M in Funding for WunderGraph Propels Backend for Frontend API Framework

WunderGraph, the API composition and integration company for developers, is announcing its recent funding milestone—a total investment of $3 million—precipitated by the company’s seed funding round led by Aspenwood Ventures. The funding will drive WunderGraph’s global presence, as well as the growth of its team, further enhancing the company’s ability to propel centralized, backends for frontends (BFF) API frameworks for developers.

WunderGraph’s open source framework produces a unified API across all services and databases, enabling developers to tailor backends for their frontends (website, applications, etc.) from a single data pane, according to the vendor. This radically simplifies workflows for frontend developers operating with APIs, while simultaneously crafting backend integrations in a language familiar to them (TypeScript).

“WunderGraph standardizes how to build a backend for frontend,” said Jens Neuse, CEO and co-founder of WunderGraph. “We make it seamless for developers to integrate complex architectures with many (micro-) services and databases, authentication, file storage, etc., and connect it to frontend frameworks like NextJS, Svelte, Remix & Co.”

In conjunction with WunderGraph’s funding announcement, the company has also released WunderGraph Cloud, a new platform designed to run the WunderGraph BFF framework as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. The PaaS version of the WunderGraph framework can offer the following benefits:

  • Deploys backend for frontend and custom middleware in seconds
  • Negates the need for infrastructure knowledge
  • Offers predefined templates for easy startup
  • Combines the advantages of a smart API gateway with the power and agility of the BFF architecture

“As investors, we believe that WunderGraph is the leader of a fundamental change in the API space,” said Steve Kishi, managing director at Aspenwood Ventures. “WunderGraph’s new Cloud offering further blurs the line between API gateway and backend, representing a paradigm shift from ops-driven to infraless API deployments.”

WunderGraph offers its services in a free “Hobby” plan as well as extended “Pro” and “Enterprise” tiers.

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