3X Systems Delivers Enhancements to its Line of Remote Backup Appliances

3X Systems has released version 3.0 of its 500 and Tera Series remote backup appliances, capable of automatically backing up Microsoft Windows-based servers, workstations, and laptops over the internet to a central storage device that delivers data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

The new features in version 3.0 of the appliances provide more flexibility for users, Alan Arman, CEO, 3X, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "You utilize one console to back up your servers, your virtual environment, your laptops in the field, and back up remote offices, all managed under a policy-based back up. That saves administrators quite a bit of time."

The 3X appliances also include a Locator Service that finds and  identifies computers regardless of location, incorporating home and mobile user data. Integrated de-duplication, compression, encryption and block-level backup capabilities help ensure that data changes are transmitted to the central storage system. A central appliance can store from 100 gigabytes to 1.6 terabytes of data and support up to 100 users. 

The 3.0 release of the appliances incorporates features more commonly found in large enterprise systems, including "bare metal recovery" to protect the entire system image, including all settings, applications, and data. The solution also supports granular Exchange recovery for Microsoft Exchange servers, enabling administrators and users to more quickly recover granular data such as individual mailboxes, email messages, calendars, or contacts without having to recover the entire Exchange system.

3X says it has also added support for VMware, Microsoft, and Oracle virtualization platforms to version 3.0. This enables organizations that are sharing computer resources using virtualization to simplify IT management and reduce overall infrastructure costs with an efficient private backup cloud, while maintaining full control of their data.

Version 3.0 of the 500 and Tera Series appliances will be available through 3X Systems' network of information technology resellers and solution providers. For more information, go here.