5 Key Analytics Trends for 2017

It is still early in 2017 but as the new year unfolds, several new trends are becoming clear in the analytics marketplace.

Today, along with smart data discovery, cloud, mobile, and big data, companies are focusing on leveraging the latest in analytics to stay ahead of their competition and reduce costs with modern data-driven techniques.

In a recent DBTA webinar, Vijay Anand, senior director of product marketing at MicroStrategy Inc., discussed his analytics predictions for 2017.

According to Anand the top five trends for this year include:

  • making analytics adoption pervasive,
  • simplifying systems and reducing costs,
  • saying goodbye to data discovery limits,
  • choosing a tool that does it all,
  • and future-proofing big data investments.

“It’s about taking data and making fast-paced decisions,” Anand said.

The only way to make the beter decisions is by being armed with data. With MicroStrategy, enterprises will be able to benefit from timely access to intelligence, Anand explained. Legacy systems can be costly and complicated. The cloud is the answer, Anand said.

“You can take all these problems delivered by an on-premises solution. The cloud is the way to go,” Anand said.

By partnering with AWS, MicroStrategy allows customers all over the world to spin up instances in minutes.

Data discovery is here to stay and it’s time to go further than reporting, Anand explained. Solutions lack enterprise capabilities.  According to Anand, MicroStrategy can allow users to scale to thousands, personalize content, and more.

Choosing a tool that does it all is still a pipe dream but it can allow users to specialize their skills in one area instead of spending tons of time being a jack of all trades. MicroStrategy can easily integrate all styles of business intelligence, Anand explained.

When it comes to future-proofing big data, looking for tools that utilize multiple sources can help ensure that enterprises are prepared for the future.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.