$8.7M in Financing Catapults Rezonate from Stealth, Along with its Enhanced Cloud Protection Platform

Rezonate, the innovator behind the Cloud Identity Protection Platform (CIPP), is announcing their emergence from stealth, backed by $8.7 million in financing. The funding is directed toward benefiting the development and production of Rezonate’s CIPP, which empowers security and DevOps teams to effectively prevent access risk and cloud infrastructure breaches.

“The rapidly-changing cloudscape, together with the proliferation of human and machine identities, requires a different approach,” said Roy Akerman, CEO of Rezonate. “Modern infrastructures require a precise and nimble way to outsmart attackers; one that primes cloud identities and access at its core, is constantly adapting to current dynamics over yesterday’s snapshots, and for the first time, gives defenders and builders the means to act confidently.”

As the security needs shift toward robust defenses for identity and access controls, Rezonate seeks to rise to the occasion with its CIPP. While the funding will continue to advance the platform, it will also accelerate go-to-market efforts to sooner bring CIPP to the masses.

“In just ten months, from our first line of code, we already have active customers, solve key gaps daily, and affirm the criticality of the cloud identity and access issue. In a cloud world where everything is changing all the time, DevOps teams need a solution as dynamic and automated as the infrastructure they need to protect,” said CTO Ori Amiga.

To adapt to the modern needs of cloud security, the Rezonate CIPP creates a unified view of identity and cloud infrastructures to monitor for critical security gaps, abnormal access attempts, and active threats more holistically. With real-time anomalous activity detection, the CIPP enhances security and DevOps ability to detect threats and respond efficiently.

“Rezonate’s unique approach of protecting the cloud's most critical control—identity and access —globally provides enterprises with the ability to effectively fix exposure risk and speed response to active threats,” said Nir Adler, general partner at State of Mind Ventures.

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