A Round-Up of Key Product Announcements from Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle OpenWorld, the company’s annual Oracle event for business decision-makers, IT management, and line-of-business end users, introduced a flurry of new and updated products and technologies. Here, a round-up of some of the major announcements unveiled at the conference.

Key this year was Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s keynote in which he unveiled the In-Memory Option for Oracle Database 12c, the Big Memory Machine, and the Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance.

Oracle Database In-Memory

The Oracle Database In-Memory option is designed to enable 100x faster queries to enable customers to get instantaneous results and increase transaction processing rates by 2x, said Ellison. The option helps customers accelerate database performance for analytics, data warehousing, reporting and online transaction processing (OLTP). Oracle’s unique in-memory optimizations enable real-time ad hoc analytics on live transactional data while also accelerating OLTP.

The Big Memory Machine

Ellison also showcased the M6-32 – “the Big Memory Machine,” that is “ideally suited for big memory databases.” Ellison said the new offering comes with up to 32 TB of DRAM, a brand new processor – the SPARC M6 that doubles the cores of the M5 that it replaced – and offers 96 threads per processor – “that is a lot of things going on in parallel." The M6 is available as a general purpose computer and in super-cluster form.

Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance

And finally, the new Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance is engineered specifically for database protection, said Ellison. It is designed to deliver near-zero data loss protection and a massively scalable architecture. “On the backup appliance, we not only have your backup, but we have all your changes to the database since the backup was taken,” said Ellison. “It is a back up appliance to back up databases not just the files.”

Other Noteworthy Announcements Included News on: Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Cloud Portfolio, Oracle Identity Governance, and More

Through Oracle’s Unified Information Architecture the Oracle Big Data Appliance, offers enterprise-class security capabilities for Hadoop, LDAP based authorization, and robust centralized auditing with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall.

Oracle is expanding the Oracle Cloud portfolio. The new Oracle Cloud services include Oracle Database as a Service, Oracle Java as a Service, and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, and augment Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of Application, Social, Platform, and Infrastructure Services, all available on a subscription basis.

The latest version of Oracle Identity Governance, a single governance solution combining provisioning, analytics and privileged account management includes Identity Auditor: a single, integrated tool that provides governance so organizations can have the latest entitlement data in the review process;  improvements in the Oracle Identity Governor User Interface and Lifecycle Management capabilities, giving customers much greater flexibility for customization; and the ability for customers to leverage the Access Request Catalogue to manage fine-grained application access, and enforce it using XACML-compliant policies.

Oracle Exalytic In-Memory Machine T5-8, an engineered system has 4TB of memory per machine and delivers high performance for business intelligence and enterprise performance management to help drive efficiency by answering critical business questions. 

Addressing the new demands on embedded software in terms of security, interoperability, scalability and faster time-to-market, presented by the Internet of Things,  the next generation of Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME 8) will promote a consistent development environment and provide the ability to “right-size” the Java ME platform for deployment across a wider range of use cases, from very small to more powerful embedded systems.

Oracle WebLogic Server, a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, achieved a new world record in a virtualized environment with the industry-standard SPECjEnterpise2010 benchmark. The record-breaking result was achieved with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server with Oracle Solaris 11 virtualized with Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Oracle’s new roadmap for Nimbula Director, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service software solution, includes the integration of Nimbula Director into Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. This cloud infrastructure will scale from a single Oracle Exalogic rack to thousands of virtual machines and many racks. Leveraging OpenStack and other open industry standards, Oracle Exalogic will provide a high performance cloud solution that more seamlessly integrates into customers’ existing data centers. 

Oracle is now expanding the Oracle Cloud portfolio that provides customers access to the new database as a service, Java as a service and infrastructure as a service. These new services will support a wider variety of workloads, managed service options and full administrative control.

And, at the second MySQL Connect conference at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced the availability of the second Development Milestone Release (DMR) for MySQL5.7, delivering faster connectivity, higher transaction throughput, increased replication speed, memory instrumentation and other enhancements, enabling higher performance and improved manageability.

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