AES Announces Real-Time Remote Monitoring

AES, provider of service performance monitoring solutions, has announced CleverView for IP Service Performance v2.1, providing real-time remote service monitoring for virtual devices and cloud computing.

The ability to proactively monitor and audit infrastructure service levels for cloud computing helps users assure the ability and performance of Web services, infrastructure, applications, routers, Linux servers, DNS, and DHCP, as well as others. Flexible monitoring options allow businesses to monitor a range of critical services and devices.

"The situation with cloud computing right now is that there are multiple vendors, pretty diverse software, and it is very difficult to get a handle on what is going on with the service levels. We are providing that service with this product," Trevor Dodd, senior director of business development for CleverView, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Web-based service level reporting allows authorized users to generate and customize numerous reports (both real-time and historical) with universal accessibility. This is a key capability, says Dodd, because it makes it very easy for anybody with access to the Internet, who has the authority of course, to get service level reporting over the Internet.

ServicePoint also is designed to provide the system administrator with increased visibility into the heart of the IP service infrastructure through a single entry point on the desktop.

AES is a partner of Tivoli/NetView and belongs to IBM's OS/390 Partners in Development. For more information about CleverView for IP Service Performance v2.1, go here.