AES Announces Trace Analysis Tool for Virtualized Environments

CleverView, a mainframe systems management vendor, announced the release of CleverView for cTrace Analysis 6.1, which is designed to better equip IT shops to meet the challenges of managing virtualized environments. CleverView for cTrace Analysis includes diagnostic capabilities that enable companies to simplify and automate the trace collection, enhance diagnostic efforts, and accelerate virtualization deployment, while reducing costs and improving network service level performance.

The key challenges facing companies these days include accelerating virtualization migrations and keeping virtualized environments running smoothly, Trevor Dodd, senior director for business development at AES, tells 5 Minute Briefing. CleverView for cTrace supports the range of environments now seen in typical mainframe shops. "We support z/OS, z/VM and Linux within both mainframe and server virtualized environments," he says. "Specific enhancements included in this new release are the ability to generate packet traces on Linux, the automation of trace captures for OSAENTA [OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer], Linux and component trace, and conversion of CTrace to Sniffer format."

CleverView introduces Packet Trace Generation on Linux using tcpdump, cTrace Conversion Capability that converts cTrace to pcap format for decoding by Sniffer and other similar products, Trace Automation provides a way to schedule start/stop traces.

In addition to these features, CleverView also provides an integrated database, selective trace filtering options, easy viewing of message data from different sources, including both EBCDIC and ASCII, decoding, real time system messages look-up, and a time-zone option. For more details, visit here.