AES Expands End-to-End Response Time Measurement on z/OS

AES announced the release of CleverView for TCP/IP v8.2.1 - a z/OS-based TCP/IP Performance Monitor - which now offers enhanced end-to-end response times for TN3270 interval performance monitoring and reporting.

CleverView also now includes MXG support and built-in performance reports, which enables the production of additional service level reports to measure customer satisfaction. Using AES-created Interval-based SMF records (SMF 251, subtype 21), CleverView provides TN3270 Performance Monitoring to measure end-to-end response time, with the break-out of host SNA time, and network IP time. In addition, it provides the TN3270 Interval performance Report, particularly useful for long-running TN3270 sessions. It conveys the daily TN3270 session response time information summarized by applications or application groups, monitor groups, and clients' IP addresses or subnets.

The TN3270 end-to-end support available with CleverView expands the existing application performance reporting provided by round-trip time reports for all TCP/IP transactions.

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