AES Ships Analysis Tool for Network, Multi-Platform Environments

AES, a provider of infrastructure performance tools, announced it is supporting IBM's zEnterprise System with expert analysis of network traffic for multi-architecture environments. CleverView for cTrace Analysis v7.0 is designed to help users make virtualization a reality and do more with less, AES says. CleverView enables users to simultaneously schedule start and stop traces for end-to-end trace views from z/OS, Linux, OSA, HiperSockets and Windows. The Expert Analysis enhances diagnostic efforts and accelerates virtualization and application deployment, all while reducing costs and improving network problem resolution.

"Businesses are realizing the strategic and interconnected role that availability and performance tools play in their security strategy," Laura Knapp, AES worldwide business consultant, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The latest announcements from AES provide enhanced real-time capture of invalid logins, which can indicate a potential security breach. We also provide IT operations with real-time, easy-to-use tools allows IT to be proactive, thereby protecting the business information systems. These elements, in combination with AES's expanded IT virtualization support, enable IT to reduce expenses while providing additional services to the business."

The latest release of CleverView for cTrace Analysis includes IBM zEnterprise System support to provide the multi-platform needed for the system of systems, including z/VSE, AIX and Windows, in addition to z/VM, z/OS, Linux on System z, and OSA Express. CleverView also incorporates OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer (OSAENTA) support to provide decoding and expert analysis, including critical diagnostic information, such as MAC addresses. An additional new feature, Trace Diff for side-by-side trace analysis, reduces the time spent on network problem diagnosis or performance studies. Finally, Expanded Trace Scheduling allows users to perform interval-based tracing within a user-specified time frame and gives them the ability to schedule traces using the Windows scheduling routine.

For more details, go to the AES website.