AES Ships Mobile to Mainframe Performance Tool

At last week's SHARE conference in Boston, AES announced Clever Mobile for Trace, designed to help administrators diagnose TCP/IP network traffic on mobile devices. Most corporate strategy definitions of a multi-architecture end-to-end environment include mobile phones. Functions available to users of browser interfaces, now must also be available as mobile applications, the company said. 

Clever Mobile for Trace allows the capture of TCP/IP network traffic on Android mobile phones. Captured packets will then be analyzed with the intelligent analysis solution CleverView for cTrace Analysis. All analysis functions of CleverView for cTrace Analysis can be applied to these mobile traces including; side-by-side trace comparison, exception reporting, and decoding of enterprise critical protocols. 

CleverView for cTrace Analysis enables users to remotely generate traces and automate the trace generation using scheduling with interval recording functions across multiple systems. Other locally or network generated traces can be migrated into CleverView for cTrace Analysis for in depth analysis. The expert functions enhance diagnostic efforts and accelerates virtualization, cloud, mobile, application and IPv6 deployment.

CleverView for cTrace Analysis 7.2 supports z/OS packet trace, OSAENTA trace, HiperSockets trace, z/OS Data trace, Linux, Linux on System z, AIX, z/VM, z/VSE, Windows, Android, PCAP trace, and Sniffer trace.

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