AES Ships Updated Solutions Multi-Architecture Support for zEnterprise

AES, an infrastructure support provider, is now shipping a toolset supporting IBM's zEnterprise System, as well as providing analysis of network traffic performance for multi-architecture environments, including z/OS, Linux on System z, z/VM, z/VSE, AIX, OSA Express and Windows.

The new release, CleverView for cTrace Analysis v6.3, is designed to help users adopt virtualization, and is built on CLEVER platform architecture. Diagnostic capabilities help companies to simplify trace collection, enhance diagnostic efforts, and accelerate virtualization deployment. The latest version of cTrace Analysis also includes support for analysis of network traffic performance for a variety of multi-architecture environments, including z/VSE, AIX and Windows, in addition to z/VM, z/OS, Linux on System z, and OSA Express. Another feature, OSAENTA Trace Support, offers a trace generator option to start/stop OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer (OSAENTA) traces and provides decoding and expert analysis. Decoding MAC addresses in OSAENTA is also available.

Virtual network technology support provided by cTrace Analysis enables z/OS network system engineers to embrace virtualization environments and focus on application service delivery. These features, combined with existing OSAENTA support and packet trace support for Linux, z/VM, z/OS, and Sniffer traces, gives CleverView for cTrace Analysis analysis and trace comparison

More information is available here.