AES Unveils Tool for Virtualized Environments

AES, a provider of IT performance management solutions, has announced a new toolset designed to help manage new virtualization initiatives from mainframe systems. CleverView for cTrace Analysis v6.0 is designed to enable IT professionals to view trace captures for LPAR data, from a single z/OS system, going through the Open Systems Adapter (OSA) interface with decoding and expert analysis.

OSA is IBM hardware for high-speed connections between mainframes and TCP/IP networks. These features are designed to accelerate virtualization migration, and help provide diagnostics to virtualized environments. The new product is being announced at this week's SHARE conference taking place in Austin.

The latest release of CleverView supports OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer (OSAENTA) traces, Catherine Liu, president of AES, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "OSAENTA provides the ability to capture any LPAR's network traffic moving through the OSA interface, including z/OS, Linux, and z/VM," she explains. "Examining the virtualized environment data, expert analysis provides quick comprehensive reports for network problem diagnosis, application transaction performance, packet details, and trace comparisons."

CleverView for cTrace Analysis is intended to accelerate virtualization deployments, AES says. This is accomplished by measuring network and business service levels and application workloads in real-time, reporting historical trends and expert analysis for problem diagnosis. The tool enhances mainframe virtualization efforts by providing a more complete picture of the virtualized environment. CleverView provides additional data from OSAENTA traces, such as MAC addresses, and IP packet trace support for Linux, z/VM, z/OS, and Sniffer traces.

The product is targeted at both Linux administrators and mainframe network system programmers, intended to support diagnostics in OSA, hipersocket, and LAN traffic on z/OS, z/VM and Linux networks. "The challenges and effort for any virtualization effort can be managed by focusing on business service level requirements," Liu says. "It may well be worth the effort, yielding significant cost reductions while ensuring business service goals are met." For more details, visit the AES Website.