AES Updates Performance Monitoring Tool

AES has announced a new version of CleverView for TCP/IP, a z/OS-based TCP/IP performance monitor, with enhancements for accelerated virtualization deployment.

As enterprises continue to strive to do more with less while demands continue to increase for 24/7 service and performance support, they are increasingly embracing total enterprise virtualization (TEV) to address the IT flexibility required, AES says. In order to support the TEV movement, a wide range of service monitoring must be supported from cross-systems to networking, from applications to critical resources.

"A big move in the industry is going green and saving money by having less physical servers and more virtual servers," Kristin Williams, project manager of marketing services, AES, tells 5 Minute Briefing. CleverView for TCP/IP expands the IP monitoring domain to support the TEV effort from networking to the operating system, applications, security, and storage, by monitoring z/OS system messages.

With Event Manager and z/COMM, TCP/IP v8.2 offers real-time and historical z/OS system-wide system message monitoring, alert notification, z/OS and TSO command submission, and the support of REXX and CLIST. Users can monitor different groups such as VTAM, Enterprise Extender, Intrusion Detection Service, Communication Server, FTP, MQSeries and others, and alerts can be forwarded to the MVS console, NetView, SNMP Manager and communicated through email notification.

The latest version of CleverView for TCP/IP supports network traffic monitoring from z/OS, z/VM and Linux on System z with automated OSAENTA (OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer) trace generation. This enables faster problem diagnosis across LPARs, resulting in improved service levels in virtualized environments. With this enhancement, notes Williams, CleverView for TCP/IP v8.2 makes the transition into virtualized environments easier for customers.

For more information about the new release, go here.