AI Innovations Arrive at the SAP Manufacturing Suite

SAP is introducing manufacturing technology innovations, including augmented reality, AI-powered management systems, 3D visualization and self-guided vehicles, to the SAP Manufacturing Suite and the SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain program.

“Modern manufacturers want to attract the best talent, treat them well, and simultaneously exceed their own customers’ expectations,” said Hala Zeine, president, SAP Digital Supply Chain. “With these cutting-edge innovations, we can arm today’s workers with the intelligent technology they need to get the job done faster and more effectively. Flawless manufacturing execution in the experience-driven economy is only possible with the right integration of people, assets and technology.”

With SAP’s manufacturing execution software, operators with any smart device can access 3D visual work instructions to help navigate complex assembly steps, raising output, reducing waste and improving on-time delivery.

 For an extra layer of workforce efficiency, the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution allows supervisors to assign operators to specific shifts and work centers, to ensure effective use of skills and time.

In addition, a new wave of startups in the SAP Startup Accelerator program has emerged to further modernize manufacturing and rethink the way work gets done.

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