AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform Enhances Capabilities

Stratifyd, a provider of a data science and big data analytics platform, has introduced Stratifyd 3.0. With this release, the Charlotte-based company is adding functions to manage broader datasets and handle increasingly complex structured and unstructured data.

The enterprise solution manages data from ingestion all the way to data visualization, specializing in unstructured text analytics using unsupervised machine learning for natural language processing.

Stratifyd works with organizations in financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, and other industries. Its platform features a data visualization dashboard that allows users to quickly parse and interpret complicated datasets.

"With this release, Stratifyd deploys a deeper feature set to our enterprise clients and delivers this higher order functionality to our install base," said Derek Wang, CEO. "As our team of research developers and data scientists gain additional insights from our clients and the market, we continue to enhance the product, which enables our clients to better analyze and use our data intelligence platform."

Key features of the new release include the ability to join structured and unstructured data from multiple, disparate sources. The data fusion feature increases capacity for ignoring conflicts, preserving metadata, updating existing data with the most recent data and does not require schemas or transformations. One or more alerts can also be configured against structured data to notify users via a system pop-up, email or SMS if changes to values of defined criteria are triggered. Stratifyd 3.0 delivers additional enterprise data connectors to round out the demand for complete data integration. Clients can securely connect to their databases, query databases in SQL and publish data to Stratifyd dashboards for analysis and visualization.

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