AIMS Innovation Enhances BizTalk Integration

AIMS Innovation is launching a new technology in the U.S. market tailored for system integrators working with Microsoft BizTalk. “We help IT operations turn from a reactive mode to a proactive mode and really reduce a lot of the time that is spent monitoring, maintaining and supporting their system integration,” Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS Innovation, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

According to Sagemo, have difficulty monitoring their integration platform, while the complexity of IT system integration continues to increase due to the growth of proprietary solutions, cloud environments, and devices.

The AIMS solution, he says, offers three key advantages. It creates dynamic thresholds on different parameters in the integration to provide proactive warnings; provides IT experts with a graphical color-coded map pinpointing where an issue lies -- down to the individual business process; and can be installed quickly (five minutes using Microsoft Azure or two hours with on-premise install).

AIMS Innovation's solution roams through a company's BizTalk server to learn the systems' normal behavior, extracting the topological map and setting up alerts based on normal business cycles.  Whenever traffic or performance counters deviate from the dynamically set thresholds and satisfies the real-time proprietary algorithms, an alert is sent to relevant IT team members.  In addition, the solution enables ongoing self-optimization, so that the software learns the enterprise systems' normal behavior and can modify alerts over time, becoming more accurate.

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