ALTR Emerges from Stealth Mode to Deliver the Benefits of Blockchain to Cybersecurity

After nearly 4 years, ALTR has emerged from stealth mode to release a commercial software package that provides the security benefits of blockchain. The new ALTR platform is built on ALTRchain, an enterprise-grade blockchain technology for secure data access and storage. The ALTR platform is a data-security solution for organizations to monitor, access, and store critical information. Moving beyond perimeter systems, ALTR says its approach signals a new paradigm in cybersecurity.

The company says it has raised $15 million in funding from institutional and private sources in the cybersecurity, IT, and financial-services industries, including participation by angel John Stafford III, current CEO of Ronin Capital. The funds will be used to extend the reach of the ALTR platform into the enterprise and bring additional ALTRchain-based products and solutions to market.

ALTR is led by CEO David Sikora, a software industry veteran and former executive chairman at Stratfor, developer of a geopolitical intelligence platform. Sikora is noted for executing the first internet software IPO in Texas with The ForeFront Group, and previously served in key leadership roles at Digby, Motive and Pervasive Software.

The company launches with a board of advisors from the software and cybersecurity industries.  Mike Maples, Sr., is a former software executive at IBM and Microsoft. Fred Burton is a former deputy chief of the counterterrorism division at the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service. Michael Hermus is a software entrepreneur and emerging technology expert who recently served as CTO of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. John Swainson led Dell’s software group and is a past CEO at CA. Scott Abel co-founded Spiceworks and Motive and previously led professional services for NeXT and Apple.

Leveraging ALTRchain as a foundation, the ALTR platform applies blockchain technology to data security. It is designed to eliminate threats to data through core approaches in private blockchain, in-line data techniques, real-time alerting and reporting for business enablement.

Deployed directly into the access path between data and applications, the platform has a unique vantage point that returns agency to the c-suite by giving executives intelligence on their most valuable data assets. Information is pulled directly from the driver-level and immutably stored using ALTRchain, revealing key operational insights that inform corporate strategy as well as security strategy.

ALTR has also opened up access to its proprietary blockchain via its ChainAPI which equips developers with the means of adding ALTRchain to any application. Optimized for ultra-low latency and scalable data storage, the ChainAPI is accompanied by infrastructure-as-code for highly flexible deployment in nearly any node distribution. It makes it possible to create highly secure data storage in the public cloud or other uncontrolled environments, and can be used to assemble multi-party contracts or file briefs inside an ALTRchain.

More information is available from ALTR.