ALTR Introduces Free Data Control and Protection Product

ALTR, a provider of enterprise data control and protection software, has made enhancements to its platform to make it more accessible. Updates include new automated data usage visualizations, the launch of a free plan with unlimited consumption intelligence, and full-featured data governance and easy access to ALTR’s platform through integration into Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal.

“ALTR’s mission has always been to solve for the root problems of data privacy and security and give companies the tools to crush them,” said Dave Sikora, CEO of ALTR. “The rollout of our new free product, including enhanced automation and visualization capabilities, solves a problem that cuts across industries: understanding, controlling, and securing data. With ALTR’s cloud-native architecture and pure-SaaS business model we are in a unique position to democratize and simplify control of data across enterprise environments.”

With an updated data usage analytics function to its platform through a new and unique usage analytics heatmap, ALTR delivers insights on how data is being accessed so companies can more easily enforce governance and prevent security events. With the new heatmap, users can connect their Snowflake instance, and ALTR will automatically map data access and usage information, enabling users to start visualizing their top data users, their roles and the data being accessed. It empowers users to set standards for normal data patterns, enforce policy and investigate anomalies in real time.

Additionally, ALTR’s new free plan offers unlimited data usage analytics on data in Snowflake, full-featured access governance, automatic data classification, dynamic data masking and the ability to set risk-based thresholds on data access. Customers can stay on the ALTR free plan forever or upgrade to ALTR’s enterprise plans to take advantage of ALTR’s enterprise platform and security integrations, management API, patented tokenization-as-a-service product and other features.

As a Snowflake Select Partner offering data control and security solutions, the ALTR free plan is also now available through Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal. The addition of ALTR to Snowflake’s Partner Connect reinforces the market demand for governance, control and protection of cloud data. Combined with ALTR’s unique cloud-native Snowflake integration, this makes it even easier for companies to safely and securely move more data workloads to the cloud.

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