ALTR to Provide Cloud Integration to Snowflake to Protect Sensitive Data

ALTR, provider of advanced data security for data-driven enterprises, is releasing ALTR Cloud Integration for Snowflake, delivering direct cloud-to-cloud data security.

ALTR extends Snowflake’s built-in security with the simplicity of ALTR’s real-time data consumption governance capabilities for observing, detecting and responding to threats and anomalies, according to the vendor.

With the cloud-to-cloud integration between ALTR’s DSaaS platform and Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Snowflake users can benefit from an integration that requires no code, application changes, configuration or local software installation.

Because integration is direct and doesn't use a proxy, users can connect using Snowflake itself or by using other tools such as Tableau or Looker and start to see value immediately.

With the ALTR Cloud Integration for Snowflake, users can configure ALTR to detect and stop many forms of data breaches relating to stolen or misused credentials, extending role-based access controls into the next generation by placing policy over the data, and not the user.

“As data discovery, access, and sharing in the cloud accelerates, there’s an increased need for visibility into data consumption so that organizations can connect the dots and defend against security threats,” said Omer Singer, head of cybersecurity strategy at Snowflake. “ALTR can provide visibility into users accessing data, and provide that telemetry via Snowflake Data Marketplace for combining with other datasets in a security data lake.”

Snowflake offers a single, integrated platform for secure and easy access to all of an organization's data, with near infinite scalability and built-in data governance. 

Since many security or privacy problems arise from the theft of credentials, it is essential to have governance and protection that goes to the query level in order to mitigate risk around malicious data exfiltration or privacy exposure events.

While traditional data security tools are deployed into network infrastructure, ALTR is a service that is uniquely integrated into the critical path of data at the individual data-request level of actual application workloads.

This enables Snowflake users with the ability to observe and govern data consumption, automatically detect and respond to abnormal usage, and shield sensitive data against credentialed threats and attacks on data-driven applications.

Snowflake users can also continually optimize their experience by analyzing how they use their own data. ALTR provides a highly detailed, tamper-resistant record of all requests along with any anomalies and related administrative actions. These consumption and security events can be shared with security incident and event management platforms (SIEMs) like Splunk or read out from Snowflake Data Marketplace for ingestion into a security data lake for analysis.

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