APT Solutions Meets Market Demand with Informer Web Reporting

APT Solutions is a U.K.-based provider of web-enabled membership management software and associated specialist membership administration services to the not-for-profit sector. Its clients include member-based organizations such as trade unions, institutions, clubs, societies, charities and health plan providers. The company's Stratum Membership Management software solution helps organizations gain control over their member information and leverage the information to save money, increase efficiencies, boost member communications, retention, loyalty and donations and improve staff productivity.

For APT customers, the ability to access member data from Stratum's U2 database quickly and easily is critical. They needed to securely produce customizable reports based on real-time data to support decision making and enhance performance to improve the bottom line.

But while APT recognized the market need for a powerful, easy to use reporting solution, the company's proprietary Stratum software lacked a web-based reporting component. After researching available reporting tools, APT selected Informer to complement its Membership Management software. Informer, a web-based feature-rich reporting solution that natively pulls membership data from the database, offers APT the reporting functionality customers were looking for with easy access to up-to-the minute information. Additionally, with the new release of Informer, 4.0, APT customers will be able to pull data from both MultiValue and SQL databases simultaneously all from one intuitive interface.

APT has been offering Informer to their customers for about a year now, Doug Leupen, president of Entrinsik, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Informer has proven its capability "to enhance and elongate the customers' commitment to their products as well as help sell their existing products," he notes.

"Informer significantly enhanced our overall product offering, which is particularly valuable in today's competitive sales climate," states George Land, chairman of APT Solutions Ltd. "For organizatons and companies that rely on member, customer, and related data to formulate revenue-generating strategies, the ability to extract accurate data quickly and simply is invaluable."

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