ARMO Emerges From Stealth with Security Solution

ARMO, developers of a platform that inherently secures cloud-native workloads with in-memory protection coupled with built-in visibility and control, is emerging from stealth after securing $4.5 million in seed funding, from Pitango First. The company plans to use the funds to expand its go-to-market efforts and commercial offering of its technology. 

ARMO Workload Fabric provides DevOps teams with a new approach to cloud-native workload and application deployment that infuse inherent security and visibility into applications, and creates a virtual control plane that can be easily deployed in any cloud-native environment. 

ARMO Workload Fabric provides an in-memory security layer, and governance layers, such as data flow compliance, transparent data protection, and secured tunneling and networking. In addition, the platform seamlessly integrates into the DevOps pipeline at the CI/CD phase, eliminating operational complexity.  

"With the growing complexity and highly dynamic nature of modern applications and cloud environments, changing even hundreds of times a day, security gaps like software vulnerabilities and excessive privileges, are becoming harder to monitor and remediate. This highlights the importance of incorporating control and security capabilities at runtime,” said Shauli Rozen, CEO and co-founder of ARMO. “Existing runtime technologies such as side-cars and RASP fall short when it comes to security, performance and deployment. I’m thrilled to announce ARMO’s launch to offer the first solution bringing security, visibility, control and compliance to cloud-native environments.'' 

ARMO was founded by cloud and security industry veterans Shauli Rozen, Leonid Sandler, and Benjamin Hirschberg. Sandler and Hirschberg bring their experience from building the video security solution for NDS, which was acquired by CISCO for $5 billion.

ARMO was recently selected among hundreds of applicants to participate in Intel Ignite, Intel’s startup growth program.

To date, leading global enterprises have already chosen ARMO Workload Fabric as their future security and visibility infrastructure, running in production environments.

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