ASG Technologies Enhances ASG-PRO/JCL to Improve the Mainframe DevOps Tool Chain

ASG Technologies recently unveiled ASG-PRO/JCL 3.5, which increases productivity by enabling developers to run Job Control Language (JCL) scans from their preferred integrated development environments (IDE), enhancing the mainframe DevOps tool chain.

ASG-PRO/JCL automates JCL error detection, standards enforcement, and routine changes to ensure error-free batch processing. This latest release includes DevOps integrations to strengthen any DevOps toolchain in an IBM z mainframe environment.

Key features of ASG-PRO/JCL 3.5 include:

Eclipse-compatible Integrated Development Environment (IDE) desktop environment. This extends the functionality of ASG-PRO/JCL’s  JCL validation and run-time simulation to the Compuware Topaz Workbench and other Eclipse-compatible IDE desktop environments; and empowers Time Sharing Option (TSO) and batch developers by simplifying maintenance and support tasks with a modern front end, saving them time and easing their experience.  

RESTful web services API: Enables automation of ASG-PRO/JCL scans in a DevOps toolchain environment using the RESTful web services API. Integrates with ASG’s Digital Automation Platform and other automation tools like Jenkins, Team City, Circle CI, and more.

According to ASG, as organizations adopt DevOps and become more agile, it is critical that they accelerate the pace of business. Companies must be able to release new digital services and features at the speed that meets their customers’ needs and expectations. Achieving this requires close collaboration between development, IT, and business stakeholder teams, as well as streamlined processes that allow for continuous collaboration, development, and improvement.   

ASG-PRO/JCL can be easily added to the DevOps toolchain. As new JCL is developed, standards and formatting can be applied and checked directly in the IDE before any new code is submitted to production. Then, as the ASG-PRO/JCL RESTful web services are integrated into continuous integration flows, batch processing remains error free because the production JCL scanning is included in the DevOps cycle.
“Our customers tell us how important adopting DevOps across the board is to their commercial and technology strategies,” said Jeff Cherrington, VP of Product Management, ASG Technologies. “That posture is critical to their ability to reduce time-to-value and increase returns on their technologies investments. By adding this new interface to ASG-PRO/JCL, we are able to meet these needs for our customers, allowing them to improve internal operations and accelerate innovation.”

For more information, go to the ASG-PRO/JCL product page.