ATAmotion Now Available in AWS Migration Hub

ATADATA’S ATAmotion, a migration solution purpose-built for mission critical workloads, is now available in AWS Migration Hub, allowing more users to migrate enterprise workloads to AWS.

ATAmotion is now in AWS Migration Hub due to its track record of successfully migrating thousands of enterprise workloads to AWS. There is no additional cost for using AWS Migration Hub, and users pay only for the cost of ATAmotion and any resources consumed on AWS.

The ATAmotion migration module automates the transfer of live workloads entirely online with no business disruption, and even orchestrates the provisioning of target infrastructure.

AWS Migration Hub provides key metrics and progress for individual applications migrated with ATAmotion, allowing users to view the migration progress of all application resources and to get updates quickly across all migration projects. This simplifies identifying and troubleshooting issues, and reduces the overall time and effort spent on migration projects.

 “AWS Migration Hub enables IT professionals responsible for managing critical cloud transformation projects to migrate existing on-premises applications to AWS,” said Bill Platt, General Manager for Migration Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “The addition of ATAmotion to AWS Migration Hub provides an additional enterprise-class option for moving complex workloads, such as SAP and SAP HANA, to AWS with ease.”

ATADATA’s integrated proprietary clone engine is designed for migrating complex, highly-transactional applications with technology and workflow support for scalability from single instances to global, enterprise-wide cloud computing. It provides benchmark migration speeds and flexibility without the database size restrictions seen in other platforms, across any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud platforms.

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