Abbey Labs Raises $5.25M, Propelling Data Access Control Designed for Engineers

Abbey Labs, an innovator in identity and access management (IAM), is announcing its recent seed funding round results, raising $5.25 million toward envisioning a future of better data system access control. Led by Point72 Ventures, the seed round saw participation from Haystack, Essence Ventures, and other executives, including Emilio Escobar (CISO of Datadog), Harold Gimenez (SVP of engineering at Hashicorp), and Pete Soderling (founder of Data Council).

The funding for Abbey Labs will go toward accelerating its go-to-market opportunities, as well as hiring and developer awareness.

The founders of Abbey Labs—CEO Arvil Nagpal and CTO Jeff Chao—center their company’s vision on increasing the scope of automation for an engineer’s workflow based around data access control. By building secure infrastructure from the ground-up with efficient, automated access control tools, Abbey Labs seeks to streamline the engineer process and data access. 

Both Nagpal and Chao point to real-life instances that illustrate the necessity of access control tooling that works with enterprise engineering teams.

“We’ve seen this time and time again with breaches at Reddit, Riot Games, and Uber. The paradox is that employees are both a company’s most valuable asset and its weakest link—with sophisticated phishing attempts continuing to succeed,” explained Chao.

“During my time at Okta, I saw first-hand the struggles our customers faced with providing engineers access to critical data systems in a way that’s both secure and compliant,” continued Nagpal. “We built Abbey Labs to allow companies to better control access to data systems in partnership with their engineers, not against them.”

With traditional identity governance solutions inciting difficult deployments and friction for employees and engineers that need access to data systems, Abbey Labs innovated a solution that propels efficient, safe, and productive data access.

Abbey Labs’ approach to access control is through designing the first access governance platform built for engineers, according to the company. By integrating common access workflows with an organization’s existing developer tooling and infrastructure, Abbey Labs’ solution injects an enterprise with the ability to automate access without increasing overall friction.

The result is security from the start; engineers are empowered with automated access tools to create a robust, secure infrastructure without the common side effects—which include complex, slow, and manual workflows—which integrates well with what they already use.

The beta version of the solution is now available for free.

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