Abstract Security Emerges from Stealth to Offer an AI-Powered Data Streaming Platform for Security

Abstract Security, crafted by category creators who have consistently redefined the cybersecurity landscape, is emerging from stealth along with unveiling its platform designed to centralize the management of security analytics.

With an oversubscribed $8.5 million seed funding round led by Crosslink Capital, Rally Ventures, and Liquid 2 Ventures, Abstract has built an entirely new AI-powered paradigm for security teams that transcends next-gen SIEM solutions, according to the company.  

Abstract Security’s platform correlates data in real-time between data streams and separates compliance and security data to both increase detection effectiveness and lower costs. 

“Current SIEM detection is largely ineffective and the capabilities afforded to analysts to leverage true correlation and analytics have hit an all-time low. For most organizations, this has become inefficient and impractical. And as an industry, we cannot keep building on a broken premise,” said Colby DeRodeff, co-founder and CEO of Abstract Security. “The future of detection is fundamentally understanding the data sources and having detection engineering baked into the platform with powerful analytics. We help customers differentiate what data is important to their organization, and then we give them a roadmap to become more effective at detecting and mitigating threats.”

The Abstract platform is architected differently and abstracts away the operational weight of security platform engineering by: 

  • Bifurcating compliance and security use cases
  • Providing security analysts with more powerful tools
  • Reducing immense compute and storage costs

“Abstract’s data-centric approach represents the future of detection,” said Matt Bigge, partner at Crosslink Capital. “We are excited to partner with Colby, Ryan, and the entire Abstract team to contribute to a new paradigm in security: an approach that enables analysts to align security efforts to business value.”  

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