Abstract Security’s AI-Powered Data Streaming Platform for Security is Now Generally Available

Abstract Security, crafted by category creators who redefined the cybersecurity landscape, announced the general availability (GA) of its platform designed for the future of security operations.

Already in use by customers, Abstract’s platform helps security analysts and operations teams navigate the complexities of data pipelines, increase security effectiveness, and lower costs, according to the company. 

“Since the inception of Abstract, we’ve been working tirelessly to combat the challenges of security operations today, offering a tool that focuses on the data that matters and ties security back to business value,” said Ryan Clough, co-founder and CPO of Abstract Security. “With the explosion of data over the last few years, customers need a more customizable approach that moves beyond saved searches and dashboards. We’re excited to reach this GA milestone as we bring the future security operations platform to more customers.” 

A key feature of Abstract’s platform is the Abstract Security Engineer (ASE), which leverages a combination of AI, expert systems, machine learning, and subject matter expertise and connects to data sources across an organization, delivering instant data and detection capabilities.

The security data fabric approach enables:

  • Advanced analytics and correlation: Abstract’s platform enables customers to surface threats across their enterprise and cloud infrastructure in real-time. It’s powered by out-of-the-box detection content provided by the Abstract research team, which is purpose-built for cloud and SaaS threats. 
  • Security pipelines: With data routing, transformation, and enrichment that is geared for security telemetry, customers can reduce the volume and cost of log data sent to their SIEM. A single point of collection enables drag-and-drop routing of data to any number of sources, including cloud storage, SIEMs, and data platforms. 
  • Optimized storage: Abstract’s platform intelligently divides hot, warm, and cold storage tiers to automatically optimize storage and compute costs and make the data relevant to security analytics accessible via instant queries. 

“Defending against cyberattacks is more difficult today than it’s ever been. With the complexity of infrastructure and sheer volume of data that organizations must manage, today’s security analytics teams are tired of the status quo,” said Jon Oltsik, advisory board member of Abstract Security. “Working as an analyst and advisor has given me a unique perspective into the pain points of industry leaders, and that’s why I’m so excited about the unique approach that Abstract Security is taking to solve the problems in the SIEM marketplace and have the opportunity to support and guide the team as they grow.” 

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