AccelOps Announces New Customers, New Funding Round

AccelOps, Inc., a provider of integrated security information and event management (SIEM), and performance and availability monitoring for on-premise and cloud-based data centers, announced that it has added 150 customers and raised $15 million in new funding. 

According to the company, since it introduced its product 2 years ago, over 150 customers have deployed AccelOps software to integrate the security, performance and availability monitoring in more than 300 networks. Customers include managed service providers, government agencies and enterprises in all vertical sectors, including financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. AccelOps' ability to supply comprehensive and actionable operational intelligence empowers IT professionals to deliver more secure, responsive, and adaptive infrastructures than is possible with traditional single function tools. 

USVP, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, is leading this round of funding which raised a total of $15 million, and includes the participation of the company's existing investors.

"The company was founded on a very simple but I believe powerful thesis which is that the management of IT infrastructures and environments up to now has been delivered through a series of multiple siloed or stovepipe tools, and ultimately the better way to do this and of course to match the evolving world of IT infrastructures is to deliver real-time analytics - and the way to do that is by being able to monitor across domains in a fully integrated manner," Elie Antoun, CEO of AccelOps, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"Our announcement was geared toward telling the world that our story is gaining traction - 150 customers adopted our solution because they believe in the value of what we are doing and what we are delivering. And, the investment from USVP is further validation at least from this investor's perspective that this is the right way to go, and we are ready to grow the business even more aggressively from here on."

According to AccelOps, its integrated monitoring and security software is architected from the ground up to deliver real-time, cross-correlated information from almost any source across an organization's entire IT infrastructure. The AccelOps solution is agnostic as to whether the IT infrastructure is physical, virtual, on-premise, or located in the cloud. In addition, the company says, its solution scales more easily than other software because it runs on virtual machines that can be added or subtracted as the number of monitored events changes.  The solution comes with  more than 1,000 ready-to-use reports and rules for 200 security threat scenarios that are intended to allow users to detect and make sense of complex IT patterns and events in real time.

More information about AccelOps is available online at