Acceldata Launches Open Source Iteration of its Data Observability Platform

Acceldata, provider of data observability solutions, is unveiling the open source iteration of its data platform, granting accessibility to enterprises seeking Acceldata capabilities at a lower cost. This update broadens the open source community-based data platform options available to enterprise data teams, integrating community validation and periodic synchronization to deliver stable data observability libraries in public, private, and hybrid environments.

“The dream of an open source data platform has been a broken one, until now,” said Rohit Choudhary, founder and CEO of Acceldata. “The guardians of open source have a responsibility to be open, over protectionism, and we take that role seriously as we continue to participate in, support, and advance the community. Earlier in our careers, we used open source data tools, and subsequently, our team successfully built the world’s most comprehensive data observability platform. Now we are open sourcing the platform and key data observability tools, and sharing them with the community to adopt and advance these innovations to their benefit.”

Despite its newfound, open source nature, Acceldata’s platform remains flexible, consistent, and comprehensive. Automated deployment encourages efficient management, observability, and package movement within the platform, all while enabling the adoption of other technologies for elasticity and on-demand services needs as the industry and community continues to evolve. Tenants can consume and upgrade services without its actions impacting other tenants, and to further ensure consistency, the platform periodically synchronizes with open source branches.

“With the unrelenting data deluge, enterprise data observability continues to be an emerging, high growth market,” noted Ashwin Rajeeva, co-founder and CTO of Acceldata. “Our founding team has contributed extensively to Apache projects over the years. We know that a reliable, low-cost data platform that’s in step with the latest Apache open-source code will not only help to advance innovation in data observability but also benefit from the larger community collaboration with a shared mission.”

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