Acceldata Offers Alternative Migration Path for Cloudera Customers

Acceldata has announced an alternative method for long-term data platform independence that will be available for Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Cloudera Data Hub (CDH) customers. This alternative choice will streamline data platform usage by offering customers the option to stay on-premises with the current Hadoop release or migrate to a selected cloud data platform, eliminating forced migration. Consistent updates of data pipelines will no longer be required with Acceldata, allowing for increased workload performance and cost savings.

“This forced migration is unsettling for the large number of companies that still run Hadoop on-premises. Acceldata’s software and service offers a win-win for legacy Cloudera customers as they are no longer locked in with a single vendor and now have the freedom to choose which options work best for them,” said Chandra Sharma, head of customer success, Acceldata. “By eliminating the need to update data pipelines, Acceldata’s data observability platform can significantly decrease cost and increase performance from what they had previously with Cloudera.”

Acceldata will be able to provide full vendor/distribution independence, Apache open source migration support, continued on-premises support without Cloudera, as well as migration ability to a preferred cloud warehouse. It significantly cuts down root cause analysis times, allowing for expedited system issue solutions which may improve solidity of customer relationships.

The integration of Acceldata will require legacy Cloudera customers to upgrade. Cloudera intends to eliminate support for HDP/CDH on Sept. 30, 2022.

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