Accenture Launches Analytics as a Service Solution

Accenture is launching an analytics as a service solution designed to help a range of users, from the C-suite to data scientists, make data-driven decisions that can solve business issues and create new opportunities.

“Our interest is really straight-forward and threefold: We want to be able to deliver solutions to our clients faster, we are looking for ways that we could engage with our clients in a very flexible interesting commercial arrangement that would be easy to consume and pay for, and we are looking for ways to take all the knowledge our people have about industry problems and find a way to quickly put those into a robust, secure architecture,” said John Matchette, managing director at Accenture Analytics.

The new product, called the Accenture Insights Platform, is a cloud-based, end-to-end analytics solution designed to simplify analytics and deliver real-time, actionable insights to businesses for a competitive advantage.

Users will have the ability to decide and only pay for however much of the software they use.  “If you want the entire solution for five people, you can get it, or if you want a partial solution for 300 people you can get that, and when you’re done with it you can turn it off,” Matchette said.

The platform is made up of a preconfigured end-to-end architecture that can be provisioned within 24 hours and generate initial actionable analytics insights in weeks, as opposed to other approaches that can take months.

According to the company, by using a consumption-based commercial model, the platform eliminates the need for customers to make large, upfront capital expenditures, makes it easier to expand to new technologies, and allows them to benefit from Accenture’s ongoing research and development.

 “From a business perspective it’s all about delivering value very quickly and just getting results,” Matchette said. “It’s a robust structure and we think the IT clients on that side of the fence will like that. I really think there is something for everybody as we talk to our various customers.”