Accenture and Predixion Software Extend Advanced Analytics Solutions to Business Users

Accenture has entered into an agreement with Predixion Software, a provider of collaborative predictive analytics software, to jointly develop advanced industry- and process-specific analytics solutions designed for the needs of business users. The agreement, which is part of a strategic investment Accenture has made in Predixion Software, strengthens Accenture’s ongoing strategy to bring capabilities to its clients that cover the full analytics value chain.

Accenture’s strategic investment in Predixion is part of its ongoing strategy of bringing capabilities to its clients that cover the full analytics value chain and help them achieve a return on their investments in analytics. “The solutions Accenture and Predixion Software are building under the agreement will democratize advanced analytics for Accenture clients,” Sajid Usman, global managing director for technology at Accenture Analytics, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Business users will have direct access to data insights when making a decision to solve business issues, which will cost-effectively expedite the decision-making process for our clients, and ultimately help them to achieve a return on investments through analytics.”

Potential use cases include the deployment of Predixion software by hospital administrators to analyze patient data in order to advise on clinical interventions that will drive efficiencies and improve patient health outcomes.  Accenture will make solutions available for businesses in industries such as life sciences using its deep industry expertise and capabilities in data science.Predixion will provide product development capabilities and technical skills on its predictive analytics platform to support the development of new solutions, which will be marketed to Accenture clients.

It is expected that the new user-friendly solutions will reduce the time and cost of decision-making by embedding predictive analytics models into existing enterprise software applications. The enhanced applications will enable business users to employ data-driven insights based on advanced analytical techniques and apply them directly to operational workflows, allowing them to make faster fact-based decisions in their day-to-day roles.

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