Accenture’s Paul Nelson Examines the Evolution of Neural Networks at Data Summit Connect 2021

At Data Summit Connect 2021, Paul Nelson, managing director, search and analytics group, Accenture, asked whether (and how) neural networks have become smarter than humans are during his presentation, “How Neural Networks Became Smarter.”

The annual Data Summit event is being held virtually again this year—May 10–May 12—due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are on the threshold of seeing computers do what only humans could do,” Nelson said. “The future is unclear as to where this is going to lead.”

With the advent of deep fakes, people are going to have to ask what is real and what’s not? Is that another human or not?

According to Nelson, computers are getting smarter in the areas of:

  • Inferencing with knowledge graphs-smart product selections, graph connections
  • Entity extraction-finding things
  • Question and answer-actual answers to questions, not just documents
  • Neural networks-fully meaning-to-meaning semantic search

Neural networks would previously have issues looking at text, he explained. Text is a sequence of tokens and the order matters so it was difficult to fit into a neural network. A variety of ad-hoc techniques were developed to solve this problem.

The next level is GPT-3, he noted. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It was created by OpenAI.

“The idea is you give it a prompt and it will generate text as if a human would continue it,” Nelson said.

Neural networks almost have the same number of connections that humans do, Nelson explained. GPT-3 can also now give accurate summaries of articles, can respond with a variety of facts, and more.

In a business context, neural networks can help organizations respond to proposals, Nelson noted. This helps businesses decide what work to do with each other.

A neural network can take pieces of good proposals and form an overall proposal for this organization that is looking for the best one.

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