Accurics Raises $20 Million Venture Funding to Improve Cloud-Native Infrastructure Security

Accurics has announced $20 million across seed and series A financing raised over the past 6 months, with Intel Capital leading the Series A and ClearSky leading the seed.

The investment will help the company continue to develop technology that self-heals cloud-native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle.

As more businesses embrace the cloud, cyber resilience becomes increasingly critical. The core security issue with cloud-native infrastructure is that it’s programmatically built and provisioned using infrastructure as code, while the manual approaches to security currently in place can’t keep pace with the high velocity of change.

According to the company, its technology programmatically detects and mitigates risks before infrastructure is provisioned (which dramatically reduces the attack surface from the beginning), monitors the infrastructure in runtime for changes by authorized or malicious users, and programmatically mitigates a variety of risks. Accurics self-heals cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle.

“We envision a world where organizations can innovate with confidence—and our mission is to fill the gap between benefit and threat by enabling cyber resilience as organizations embrace cloud native infrastructure,” said Accurics co-founder and CEO Sachin Aggarwal. “We’re gratified by the level of support from investors and customers, and we pledge to continue developing solutions that meet this critical need.” 

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